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An all-Italian identity. An all-Italian success story. A single country, Italy, and a single production district, in Lombardy, where the boats are conceived, designed and built.
The art direction projects of all boats are developed in collaboration with Christian Grande, a leading name in nautical design, whose studio is based in Parma.
No design, outfitting or assembly activities are outsourced: every phase of the production process is in the hands of the Shipyard’s engineers, technicians and specialised workers, who promote and support the constant growth of in-house skills.
In this, too, Cranchi Yachts expresses its difference and uniqueness and is proud to mark with the Disegno Italiano logo a strong choice that is a guarantee of quality for owners.

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Cranchi Yachts’ Collections

Settantotto 78 ft

Sessantasette 67 ft

Sessantadue 62

Cinquantatre 53

Sessantasette Corsa

60 ST

60 HT

M44 HT

Zaffiro 35

A62 Luxury Tender

A46 Luxury Tender

E26 Classic

E26 Rider


Beauty inspires us, production capacity sets us apart

From beauty we draw inspiration, because beauty is what we want to build . A result we achieve by investing in design and engineering. Our design projects are born in collaboration with Christian Grande, a star of naval design and an original interpreter of Made in Italy style. The lines conceived by Grande take precise shape thanks to the contribution of the Research Study Center, a department dedicated to engineering the production process of each of our new yachts. Design, engineering and the best production technologies: this is how total quality is born.


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