Nautical Center Di Domenico SA - since 1982

History of the Nautical Center Di Domenico

The Nautical Center Di Domenico, located on the lake Maggiore, has been founded by Luigi Di Domenico. The entrepreneur starts his commercial activity in 1982. Initially the nautical center was dealing exclusively with maintenance and rentals of boats. With the passing of time the range of activities offered by Di Domenico was increased thanks to his passion and dynamism.

Today the nautical center offers a variety of services including: crane service up to 32T (with possibilities of handling sailing boats with mast); gasoline and diesel distributor; rental of yachts for 7 to 12 people (possibility to have a skipper as well); repair and restoration of wood and polyester; modifications; painting jobs; engine servicing; winter parking for up to 120 boats (both internal and external); full service at the marina or directly at the buoy and summer parking for tourists.

The entrepreneur and his son Giuliano are engaged daily in order to continuously renovate and keep their business up to date.

Il team Di Domenico

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