M44 HT

The smart cruise

What is the secret of the M44 HT’s sales success? Simple to say: this is a true cruising boat: iconic profile, elegant and functional interior, making the most of every useful inch, and above all excellent marine performance with low fuel consumption. Because to sail well – and fast, too – you don’t need to overdo the horsepower in the engine room. The soft top provides maximum protection to the cockpit, while at the same time offering a wide opening that turns the Cranchi M44 HT into an authentic open when needed. On the other hand, when you want to be more sheltered, the good insulation of the canopy creates an enclosed and warm environment. The top covers the dinette that has the dashboard forward, while to the left is the galley cabinet and chaise longue that takes advantage of the roof opening for sunbathing. Of great appeal is the dashboard instrument layout, which coexists analog instruments with digital monitors. The recent facelift by Christian Grande has made the interior even more elegant with contemporary styling that is functional and beautiful to look at. Spaces are well organized and volumes made the most of. The aft cabin accommodates three real berths, and the forward cabin gives plenty of space, not only to move around the bed, but also to stow luggage. In the middle of the boat is a real galley, worthy of the name.