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Water is essential for navigation, but it is also the element that most affects the deterioration of your boat. Leaving your boat out of the water during the winter will allow you to keep it safe and be ready to set sail again when the time comes.

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In addition to providing a safe shelter for your boat, we offer a range of services for securing and winterizing the various boat components.
These services include the protection of components such as the engine, plumbing, boilers, generator and air conditioning with antifreeze fluid.

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Our buildings are designed to ensure a quiet and safe winter where you can leave your boat
Larger boats and sailing boats are stationed at our Centro Nautico in Locarno

What are the advantages?

The value of the vessel is maintained

By leaving the boat indoors during the winter, you help keep it in excellent condition and preserve its value over the ye

Avoid major damage due to moisture (electrical damage, water seepage)

By sheltering your boat during the coldest months of the year, you will avoid prolonged exposure to the elements, such as cold, humidity and ice, which can cause significant damage to your

Increased component life

Some components such as anodes deteriorate and corrode much more quickly when in contact with water.

Increased anti-algae and polishing life

Treatments such as anti-algae and polishing will deteriorate more quickly if the boat remains in the water during the winter months.

Check the parts normally in water (hull etc.)

While the boat is in dry dock it will be an excellent opportunity to inspect and check all the parts of the boat that remain in contact with the water during the summer season and therefore cannot be seen.

Si potranno per esempio controllare le eliche e verificare il fondo per anticipare eventuali interventi ed evitare così problematiche più serie.

More practical repairs

When the boat is on the covered forecourt of our yard, it will be much easier and more practical to carry out repairs and interventions.

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Thanks to our state-of-the-art infrastructure and professional team, we offer all-inclusive packages that include a wide range of boat storage and care services.
Our services include launching, hauling and transportation to our storage facility, as well as maintenance and care services such as anti-algae, polishing, wood treatment and repair and restoration if required.

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