Care & Maintenance

Taking care of your boat is the key to worry-free sailing.

A boat is more than just a boat, and we at Centro Nautico Di Domenico know this well, which is why we will be happy to assist you in planning the care of your boat.

Keep your boat in good health

By MAINTENANCE we refer to all the work that should be carried out on a regular basis to keep your boat in perfect condition and sail worry-free.

By carrying out scheduled routine maintenance you will keep your boat in top condition and ensure a higher valuation in case of sale.


Motor and Transmission Service

We recommend performing an engine and transmission service every year, changing filters and oil.

Performing a service regularly not only ensures that the engine will last longer, it will also be possible to check the tightness of the seals, thus preventing water seepage or oxidation of anodes and impeller wear.


The part of the hull in constant contact with the water needs periodic anti-algae treatment so as not to deteriorate and to keep the bottom in optimal condition, as well as to ensure a longer life for the entire boat, osmosis formation will be avoided.


The sides and deck of the boat lose their lustre over time and tend to dull. In this case, we recommend polishing to remove all marks and small scratches to keep your boat shiny and clean.



wood treatment

Teak is a valuable material that gives a yacht an unmistakable touch of style. The Di Domenico nautical centre has the equipment, materials and qualified personnel to perform professional treatments on teak to maintain it over time.

external and internal cleaning

The boat is constantly subjected to the elements; at the Di Domenico nautical centre you can carry out a complete external and internal cleaning.

and during the winter?

During cold, wet winters at the lake, the best choice is to shelter your boat from the weather.

This choice will guarantee you a longer service life, such as anti-algae or polishing, and you will also be able to check the condition of the hull or propellers and, if necessary, schedule repairs.




Prevent water infiltration

By carrying out scheduled maintenance, you will avoid the wear and tear of components such as tyres and seals that can cause water ingress as they wear out.

Maintain the value of your boat over time

By carrying out routine maintenance such as engine servicing and scheduled anti-algae, your boat will always be in top condition and maintain its economic value over time.

Few hours of sailing, why perform regular engine service anyway?

Unlike a car, a boat is in constant contact with water, causing various components to wear out.

For this reason, even if you have only sailed a few hours during a season, some parts will still have worn out, risking water ingress or even more serious damage to the engine.

One example is the anodes, which are very prone to corrosion and must be changed regularly and regardless of the number of hours you have sailed.

What is anti-algae used for?

The anti-algae treatment is a treatment by which a special paint is applied that prevents algae from forming on the part of the hull that is in constant contact with the water, known as the hull planking.

Keeping the hull in contact with water also ensures smoother sailing by reducing the friction caused by algae that would otherwise form.

Consigliamo di eseguire il trattamento antialghe al massimo ogni 2 anni.

What is osmosis?

If you do not protect the hull with the anti-algae treatment, over time the pores of the gelcoat will allow water to penetrate, and the glass wool, acting exactly like a sponge, will retain it. The gelcoat will not allow this water to escape by creating bubbles. In this case, even ‘bursting’ the bubbles will quickly reform. This process is called osmosis.

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