Change the look of your yacht!

Refitting is a term used in the nautical industry to describe a series of interventions aimed at improving or updating an existing yacht.

These interventions can include structural changes to the hull as well as aesthetic and functional changes.

experience and technology at your disposal

Thanks to our highly specialised staff, state-of-the-art equipment and our experience in the industry for more than 30 years, we are able to carry out complete restyling on any type of boat, sail or motor, and on any material: wood, iron and fibreglass.

we use only high-quality materials, guaranteeing high-quality and long-lasting workmanship


Want to change the colour of your boat? You are in the right place!

At Centro Nautico Di Domenico we have professional paint mixing machines that allow us to recreate any type of colour.
We can provide you with a wide range of options to customise the look of your boat according to your wishes.

engine replacement

If your boat has been sailing for many hours and you have noticed a decrease in performance or an increased propensity for failure, you may need to consider replacing your engine.

Our professional technicians, with expertise and experience, will be able to assess the state of your current engine, identify any problems, and plan replacement work.

We will also advise you on choosing the most suitable engine for your needs, taking into account the characteristics of your boat and the type of use.
Engine replacement can offer numerous advantages. A new engine can provide improved performance, greater reliability and greater energy efficiency than an old or worn-out engine. In addition, new engines often include advanced technologies that can improve fuel management, reduce emissions, and offer additional features.

Installation of accessories


Centro Nautico Di Domenico has highly qualified technicians and state-of-the-art infrastructure to carry out the installation of a wide range of accessories on your boat.

We can offer professional installation services for accessories such as hydraulic swim platforms or ladders, swim platform extensions, bow and stern thrusters, and much more.

Teak Replacement

We perform complete teak replacements on your boat, offering a choice of real teak or synthetic teak. Teak replacement can give your boat a completely renewed look, while also providing a durable and long-lasting surface.


The Nautical Centre employs specialised companies to help you replace the interior components of a boat, such as upholstery and cushions, which can deteriorate with time and use. We offer the possibility of ordering custom-made cushions and upholstery in different colours and materials.

We are happy to offer our customisation service for boat interiors. Our team is available to make modifications and adaptations to existing furniture or to create new customised furniture to make your boat more comfortable and suited to your specific needs.

F.A.Q External Interventions

Can I change the colour of my boat?

In our paint shop we have the professional equipment to replicate the same colour or completely change the colour of your boat.

È possibile installare una plancetta idraulica?

Our specialised personnel are able to install hydraulic sills in a professional manner.

Can I extend my platform?

Our staff carries out this type of modification in a professional manner, guaranteeing high quality and long-lasting results.

Can bow or stern thrusters be installed?

Yes of course, our team of experienced technicians carries out this type of installation in a professional manner. We will assist you in choosing the appropriate model to install on your boat.

The teak has been damaged, is it possible to replace it?

Yes, it is possible. We will assist you in choosing the type of teak, material and colour that best suits your boat.

F.A.Q Internal Interventions

Can I replace the engine?

Our highly qualified technicians carry out this type of intervention in a professional manner.

is it possible to replace the electrical system?

If your boat’s electrical system is outdated and requires an overhaul or replacement, you are in the right place. Our team of specialised technicians will analyse the situation to find the optimal solution for your boat, upgrading or replacing the electrical system to prevent breakdowns or other problems.

We work with specialised companies to carry out acceptance tests on the new system.

is it possible to replace custom-made cushions?

Mattresses, cushions and upholstery can deteriorate over time, losing their comfort and appearance.

Thanks to our cooperation with specialised companies, we are able to provide you with high-quality mattresses, cushions and upholstery that perfectly match the size and shape of your space on the boat. You can choose the colour and material of your choice to ensure that they best complement the style and décor of your boat.

is it possible to modify or replace furniture?

Our team of specialised technicians is ready to assist you in changing the interior elements of your boat to suit your needs and style.

Offriamo servizi di costruzione su misura per elementi come tavoli, panche, porte e scalini. I nostri tecnici lavoreranno attentamente con te per comprendere le tue preferenze e creare soluzioni personalizzate che soddisfino le tue aspettative.

Che si tratti di un restyling completo dell’interno della tua imbarcazione o di modifiche specifiche a determinati elementi, il nostro team sarà in grado di realizzare il progetto in modo professionale. Utilizziamo materiali di alta qualità che sono adatti all’ambiente marino e garantiamo un’installazione accurata per una finitura eccellente.

every detail counts

A boat is like a second home, every detail is important.

We follow you step by step during the process of planning technical interventions, in the choice of materials and colours, putting our proven experience in the field at your disposal.