General conditions for boat rental and charter

  1. The driver must be in possession of a valid boat license and be able to swim
  2. Insurance:

The boat has collision helmet insurance coverage with a deductible of CHF Chf. 1’000.00. The lessee responds with a deductible of CHF 1,000.00 and of all damages that the lessor declines.

The damage to the propellers or caused by improper use of the boat is the responsibility of the lessee.

  1. Any faults or failures of the boat during the rental period must be communicated to Di Domenico SA as soon as possible. However the lessee declares to have checked the condition of the boat before the rental.
  2. Deposal:

The lessee at the time of rental or reservation deposits a deposit of chf. 1000.00 in cash.

  1. General Terms and Conditions:

Our prices include 7.7% VAT.

Fuel is not included in the rental. The same must be paid at the end of the day.

The shipyard Di Domenico SA delivers the boat to the lessee in a state of navigability, complete with accessories, equipment, documents for navigation and safety equipment.

In case that the booked boat is not available to the lessee, the lessor assumes no responsibility for damage caused to the lessee.

The delivery of the boat takes place at the place, on the date and at the time specified in the contract.

The duration of the rental (for one day) is from 9h30 am to 17h30 pm. Any late hours will be billed – CHF 200.00 per hour. The time necessary for the clarification of the boat is included within the period of the contract.

  1. The legal competence of this contract: forum of Locarno-Città (CH-6600)